Our beauty is a pernicious treasury that endowed us and we should keep it by being calm and tranquil and by kept our dignity and status. We offer you a modern, well equipped and beautiful complex which gives you a good feeling in our VIP clinic because you desire such tranquility. If you pay attention to your inner peace and adornment and you want to achieve it in a peaceful and without tension place, our luxury clinic is at your service.


Searching the beauty step by step

Your skin is your largest organ and it covers your entire body like a garment and protects your body. We pay special attention to our skin specially our facial skin and although, there are many ways to postpone wrinkles but aging is an inevitable process.  As you age, your skin produces lesser collagen, so, the skin loses its elasticity and youthfulness gradually and wrinkles, loose skin, brown spots and fine lines appear. All these changes appear gradually and

A good sense of beauty in Abnoos clinic


We are proud to present you health and beauty which is the result of our valuable experiences and knowledge. Our clinic is equipped with the newest diagnostic and therapeutic devices in accordance with the latest technologies. We do our best to restore your skin health and youthfulness. We try honestly to present the best services with highest standards which have the most effect for your health and beauty. We venerate our patients and never behave them as a temporal medical case. At first, our staffs examine you carefully and diagnose your skin problems. Then, they prescribe the most effective and scientific ways and original skin medications. Also, this clinic equipped with the most advanced devices and follow up the patients improvement in order to obtain your satisfaction.


Every person has his/her special beauty and characteristics. Age and social class and situation are important factors for your curing and facial rejuvenation. Therefore, you rejuvenate with a method which is special for you and your daughter with another method. No two ones are so similar with each other that we can prescribe a same method for them.

So, you should have a unique beauty plan which is done by aesthetic medical experts to be beautiful and youthful.




Unique beauty plan

Your unique and comprehensive beauty plan is a specific and schedule plan for your beauty. With this plan you have a schema which answers these questions: what is the next step? Where is my destination?

This plan can be included the usage of different creams, PRP, gel injection, Botox or lipo injection and it designs according to your age, skin type, face parts, social condition, interests and desires. The purpose of designing and conducting this plan is the protection of your unique beauty. So, you can be sure that your plan design specially for you. Unfortunately, there are lots of patients that pay expensive fees and receive different treatments and spend a lot of time and money to be beautiful but, not only they do not reach their purposes because they do not have a suitable plan, but also, some inappropriate and imbalanced results remain on their face. 

Please be patient!