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The best way to restore your hair and hairline is natural hair transplantation. In this technique, individual hair follicles move from a part of head to bald part. The skin blood flow causes these transplanted follicles grow naturally.

a- FIT method

This method is based on punch-graft extraction of hair, by which the grafts of hair are moved from the back of the head (posterior scalp) to the parts of the head that suffering from hair loss. In this method the extraction and transplantation need 3-4 sessions of 8 hours.

b- FUT method

One of the hair transplantation methods in the world is FUT method. This method maximizes hair transplant growth because most of the grafts of hair preserves intact. FUT method takes 6-8 hours and the extraction and transplantation happens in a single session. It is not needed to cut your hair in this method.

c- Mixed method (FIT and FUT are integrated)


Platelet-rich plasma is blood plasma that has been enriched with platelets. To develop a PRP preparation, blood must first be drawn from a patient. The platelets are separated from other blood cells and their concentration is increased during a process called centrifugation. The platelets react to injuries and platelets clotting leads to coagulation. After that, by producing special protein, it repairs the injuries.

How does PRP work?

After injury occurs, platelets in our body are activated and release healing proteins that leads to recovery of injured tissues. The platelets make the difference between stem cells and injured cells; so, there is a theory here: if platelets activate artificially and inject into the injured parts of body, it will stimulate the cell growth and repair damaged tissue.

For example, PRP can be injected near the hair follicle to restore it naturally. This injection would be done for skin wrinkles and fine lines treatment or for repairing of bone or cartilage fractures or attritions.

PRP Applications

PRP has been used as a clinical tool for several types of medical treatments, including wrinkles and fine lines. Such conditions happen because of producing less collagen, elastin, extracellular matrix, fibroplast and natural oil, as we age. Decreased production of these factors, at the same time, changes the shape of skin and decreases the elasticity and smoothness of it. As a result, your skin look older and wrinkle and fine lines appear on your skin.

The platelets role in healing of different damaged tissues show PRP power to reproduction of collagen, Elastin and extracellular matrix; therefore, PRP rejuvenate your skin.

PRP has been used a treatment for different cases, like: aging wrinkles, dynamic wrinkles, acne scars, wounds, burned scars, fine lines, loosing hair or eyebrow, dark circles under the eyes.

This method is simple and safe because it prepares with patient blood.PRP treatment is autologous; there is little to no risk of rejection or allergic reaction.

Unfortunately, in some clinics, fake PRP kits are used which cannot separate platelets from whole blood. So, patients should pay attention to these facts.

In Abnoos Clinic, we use PRP kits which have ministry of health authorization. Our staff uses different kits at the same time, in a single session because a single kit is not sufficient for all parts of head or face. For hair loss treatment, the final PRP product injected by Pistor 5 mesotherapy gun.




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