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Octoline is a method that nourishes your skin, stimulates blood circulation in the area and tightens your skin. It can be done after microdermabrasion process which exfoliates your skin. The effect is visible immediately after treatment and by doing it frequently; you can see its long lasting effects.

This device is the newest and the most versatile device in skin care science. It has 16 hand pieces which micro-massage your skin by ultrasound waves and original skin care products.

Octoline can be used for deep cleaning, extracting comedon, skin hydration, peeling, vitaminization of facial skin, relaxing massage and …. It is a simple and safe method with great effects and no pain.

This device is equipped with a hand piece for treatment of slough which caused by microabrasion and fractional laser treatment. There is another special hand piece for cavitation of dark circles under eyes and stimulation of blood circulation in the area. Octoline can make your hair vitaminize by Jet washing technique and stimulates blood circulation in the area and makes you relax.

After a busy and stressful day, you can enjoy this new device and make yourself relax.

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