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It means the breakdown of fat cells by laser but is commonly used and accepted for removal or reduction of fatty tissues. FDA approved this system in 2006. The procedure uses a fiber laser to melt unwanted fat. Laser treatment stimulates the fat cell and turns it into liquefied fat within the cell and moves from inside the cell to outside the cell where it absorbed by lymphatic system. These parts of body are the best candidates for lypolysis: arms, double chin, back, waist, hips and abdomen.

The patients receive local anesthesia and the each session may last 1-3 hours. A small incision (1-2mm) will be made in the skin and a very thin fiber (1-2mm) is inserted into the skin and a laser probe is threaded through to pulse laser light into the fatty tissue to melt the fat cells. This method is suitable for overweight and liposuction is not needed but for very obese people, we use laser for surface and liposuction and laser for deeper layers.

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