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The best way to restore your hair and hairline is natural hair transplantation. In this technique, individual hair follicles move from a part of head to bald part. The skin blood flow causes these transplanted follicles grow naturally.

a- FIT method

This method is based on punch-graft extraction of hair, by which the grafts of hair are moved from the back of the head (posterior scalp) to the parts of the head that suffering from hair loss. In this method the extraction and transplantation need 3-4 sessions of 8 hours.

b- FUT method

One of the hair transplantation methods in the world is FUT method. This method maximizes hair transplant growth because most of the grafts of hair preserves intact. FUT method takes 6-8 hours and the extraction and transplantation happens in a single session. It is not needed to cut your hair in this method.

c- Mixed method (FIT and FUT are integrated)

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Ali Reza

1393/06/17 - 14:52
Salaam & Good Morning, Kindly be advised that I have performed two hair transplant sessions bout 10 years ago,during which they had to cut open my backhead skin, the old technique, I would to have one more session but with maximum outcome, I\'m planing to visit Mashad either during Oct or Nov, could you please furnish me with details, like cost in US dollar, duration, before and after pics if available, I\'m persian Bahraini and I come to Iran almost every year, many thanks for your kind help. Regards, Ali


1393/07/24 - 15:48
Hello,how are you?the best things is that, to see your head carefully,then I can exactly tell you,what must we do,please send me,some pictures from front and back of your head....


1395/06/27 - 13:52
Salam Iam hasan from lebanon, I am looking to do hair transplant in Iran , so I want someone to contact me to gather some details before I come


1395/06/28 - 12:14
Hi MR Hassan nice to meet you you can ask your questions


1395/10/01 - 12:35
What is the difference between FUE and FIT ?

Amir Taherian

1395/10/08 - 07:14
Salam khaste nabashid man 3 sale Pish Dar clinic Shoma tavasote khanoome mohammadi kashte moo anjam dadam besyar razi hastam va mikhastam baraye bari digar in amal to anjam bedam mikhastam khahesh konam age mishe ye vaght baraye avayel mahe February ye Vaght bedin


1395/10/13 - 13:27
سلام ممنون ازلطف شما بله حتما - لطفا از طریق سایت اقدام به رزرو نمایید.


1395/10/13 - 13:31
سلام هردوبه معنای برداشت واحدبه واحدمومیباشد یعنی تکی تکی موهابرداشته میشود.

Please be patient!