Combination surgeries (also known as mega-surgeries)

Natural and growing hair transplants

The method that restores lost hair is natural hair transplantation. Transplanted hair is removed from certain areas of the head and renamed to the desired areas, and the rich blood flow in the scalp preserves the life of these implanted follicles.

  1. FIT method

It involves harvesting hair grafts from the back of the head and implanting them in the required areas. In this method, the grafting and implantation operation takes 3 to 4 sessions of 8 hours.

2.FUT method

One of the hair transplant methods in the world is the FUT method. In this method, almost all the removed grafts remain healthy and the implant result will be favorable. The duration of this operation is 6 to 8 hours and the operation of hair removal and transplantation is done in one session without the need to cut the hair.

How many grafts or hairs are implanted by FUE?

Everything depends on the quality and quantity of the individual hair bank. If the hair on the back of the head is thick, 1500-2500 grafts (6000-4000 hairs) can be removed and implanted in the bald area. As a general rule, you can remove half of the follicles around the head without shrinking the back of the head, but excessive hair removal causes the back of the head to be short, which is not beautiful at all. Also, thin hair is removed above the neck or near the behind bald area, is not right because these hairs are not permanent and will fall out in the near future.

  1. Use both of the above methods in combination

The combination method is usually used for those who have a large extent of baldness. In this method, first the operation “fut” and then “fit” are performed simultaneously in one day. In this combination method, by combining two razors, a high number of hair strands is obtained, which can cover many parts of the bald head. In this method, about 9000 to 12000 hairs can be transplanted. Usually, with the combined method, patients will no longer need to repeat subsequent procedures unless they want to repair or increase the density.



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