Electro cautery (Electro dissection C&E)

Electro cautery is an electro surgical device that is made of a device and a kurt handle with a lead blade which changes based on the type of lesion. During the procedure smoke device is used to vacuum vapors caused by tissue destruction.
It is a less invasive way which is widely used for treating superficial skin lesions through the epidermis and dermis.
Before the procedure you’ll be given a local anesthetic (lidocaine) by injection or without epinephrine or local anesthetic ointments, depending on the type and extent of the surgery, after cleaning the affected area.
The procedures used include benign skin lesions such as seborrheic keratoses lesions and sebaceous gland hyperplasia, different types of nevus, and malignant lesions after sending pathological samples such as Bcc (Basal cell carcinoma) and Scc. (Squamous cell carcinoma).
It should not be used in cases of infected skin lesions or malignancies that have spread to deep areas of the skin or patient who has recurrent malignancy.
Patient who are using medical devices such as implanted pacemakers or defibrillators may not be suitable candidates for electro surgery.
After electro surgery procedure you should take care and bandage the wound. Do not use scrubs or exfoliators on wounds.
Side effects: Scarring is a common complication of this device. Infection of the wound and bleeding are uncommon side effects.