Alexandrite Laser

Baran clinic has three kinds of alexandrite hair removal laser, Quanta Alex and DEKA Alex such as MOTUS AX & AY (2019).
It is suitable for all different skin complexions, light and dark, or tan skin tone and for all kinds of hair type: tin, fluffy, or quite thick. It is a long-lasting method with no pain and no risk and it doesn’t have any side effects for the clients.
Alexandrite hair removal lasers in Baran clinic is a combination of Alex and Nd:YAG Laser. Nd:YAG laser effects mostly on pigments ,as a result, the efficiency of hair removal will be multiplied and Given the power of destroying unwanted hairs.
So it can be successfully used on all the skin types, even for dark or brunette skin.
Combination of Alex and Nd:YAG Laser therapy will result in the best outcomes. It will have a negative effect on the pigments in several directions, therefore guarantee permanent hair removal.
It is considered in Quanta Alex Laser, moreover sine two different types of Deka Laser (AX & AY) have wide laser-beam sizes, they will be more effective.
It is worth to mention, the best and the most suitable type of hair removal laser will be decided by your attending physician so you would see the desired long-term results in fewer sessions.