Medical Advice on Face Skin Tightening (Face Lifting)

One of the types of skin lifts and pullings performed by a plastic surgeon in the Abnoos clinic for consultation and visit, and in the surgery center, and makes the face look much fresher and younger.

The appropriate age for this surgery is about 50 years, which should still be closely monitored for sagging skin.

In this surgery, the parts that are loose and sagging on both sides of the jaw area and the skin is slightly drooping are completely removed.

In a full face lift surgery, in addition to the same superficial part of the skin, all the loose tissues under it are pulled with the skin, and this helps to make the face look younger, and the parts that are added and stretched are removed. (Actually the extra skin is cut).

Simultaneously with the face lift surgery, a neck lift can also be performed, which also removes and eliminates the loose skin area of ​​the neck.

In fact, with this surgery, only the sagging of the skin is removed and the wrinkles and blemishes of the skin remain, which must be eliminated by other methods.