This device is skin care device and in fact it has 8 applicators, each of them is for different applications.
In fact, this device is also used for people who want to benefit from beauty services from the beginning, or people who has been done laser on their skin and the skin has become dry, so they can use this device to reduce dryness or inflammation of the skin.
The best Time using this device is after doing microdermabrasion so that the skin is peeled and its dead layer is removed and it is completely ready for hydration.
This device is actually an advanced type of ordinary hydrodermabrasion device but it is not comparable to these devices in any way since, within its many capabilities, it helps the penetration of water and vitamin creams into the skin, and with other applicators of this device can nourish the skin to meet the needs of the skin and in the end, you will face fresh, radiant skin.