For Botox injections, just like many other surgeries, you should not use any special medicine before injecting.
In this regard, it is better to consult with your doctor about the type of medicine before taking action and if you are taking a private medicine.

Bikini laser requires different sessions depending on the skin type and hair type of the person. But in general, you need 6 to 12 sessions for a bikini laser. All of these answers are general. To get the best answer, be sure to consult a dermatologist before and during treatment.

Yes, if a person has hormonal and thyroid diseases, there is a possibility of hair regrowth after the laser. Removal of excess body hair also depends on the number of laser sessions.

The interval between laser sessions must be clear enough to have a significant effect. These intervals also vary depending on the person’s skin type, hair thickness and.. The best result is to follow the tips during the treatment.

The number of sessions required is different for each person. Laser hair removal works best when the hair is in an active growth state. Each part of the body has a different growth pattern. Therefore, the required number of sessions will vary depending on the area. But usually the number of sessions of Gentle Max Pro for 90% of women is 6 to 8 sessions. 10% of people need more sessions. Also, after the laser course, some people need annual reminder sessions, ie 1 or 2 reminder sessions a year (for laser hair removal for men, usually more sessions are needed.)

No at all! It is not true at all that most people think that filler or Botox disappears, and high-quality fillers themselves stimulate tissue collagen production and improve skin quality.

No at all! It is not true at all that most people think that filler or Botox disappears, and high-quality fillers themselves stimulate tissue collagen production and improve skin quality.

The effect of laser hair removal is only on the hair pigment and chicken skin is actually a skin disease that must be treated separately.

The initial blood test is taken from you and then placed in a centrifuge, where PRP (rich platelets) are separated from the rest and then injected into your scalp.
People taking blood thinners
Those who smoke heavily
People with a history of drug or alcohol addiction
Chronic liver disease
Chronic skin diseases
Low blood platelets
Thyroid disease and…
These people should not do this

Botox is injected into the marked areas with syringes with fine needles, and before that it is completely anesthetized with topical creams or ice packs, and the only pain of Botox is limited to spot burning.

The minimum age for the onset of laser hair removal in adolescents is 14 years and older, and of course most experts recommend that adolescents wait until puberty, for example girls, to begin menstruation. Because in these conditions, their hormones are stable and they will not suffer from diseases such as polycystic ovary syndrome.

Yes, services for gentlemen are also provided in the Violet collection

The depth of penetration of the Diode 2020 laser is greater than that of Alex (and is suitable for those who have dark skin and bronze and with those who sunbathe and sunbathe). For this reason, it is easier to reach the hair follicles, but both devices have a cooling system. Makes you feel less pain
In addition to cooling, the diode device uses a gel that those who feel pain with the Alex device do not even feel the heat of the device by applying another gel.

The sport has the approval of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.
One of the reasons for the production of this Iranian Botox is that the production of this drug in the country is more economical and has a better effect.
A relatively cheap and at the same time effective Botox, it is more effective than Chinese (Canadian) Botox and probably has much less side effects.

Some of our clients have wheaten and green skin or even get sun in hot seasons. Diode lasers are more suitable for this type of skin type.
The alexandrite laser is more suitable for people with fair skin, and in fact the melanin of light and white skin is low, and the more melanin in the skin, the darker the skin.

Before the laser, the skin should be free of any cosmetics and any fat on the skin should be removed.
Laser hair removal by targeting hair follicles causes hair loss and is more likely to cause skin blemishes, so please avoid doing this.

It is better not to do this
Because hair can return during pregnancy due to hormonal changes