Fat Injection

Liposuction is the safest way to increase the volume of the face.

Adipose tissue also rejuvenates the skin due to its viability and the presence of stem cells.

The advantages of fat injection over other methods are that:

  • Fat does not move from the injection site and does not change shape, it is from the body itself and does not lead to allergies.
  • It Contains stem cells that rejuvenate the face by making collagen. Of all the fillers, subcutaneous tissue is the least dangerous, safest and most durable.
  • Removal of dimples around the eyes, enlargement of the cheeks, lips, chin, elimination of deep lines of frown and laughter, rejuvenation of the back of the hand, filling of pimples caused by indentation of the skin and old cuts and injection of fat in other organs such as chest, buttocks, sides Inverted thighs, etc. are also done in Abnoos clinic.

In this method, using local anesthesia, fat from the thighs or abdomen and sides is used to inject into the desired area.