Follicular Isolation Technique (FIT) Hair Transplant

This method of hair transplantation is one of the best methods of hair transplantation because in this method, unlike FUT implantation, it leaves no trace and does not leave stitches or surgery on the skin and in the area behind the head. It is also much easier for the client.

In Abnoos Clinic, this method is performed very accurately and with very experienced and trained people and personnel.

In fact, in this method, the grafts are removed one by one and then implanted. The direction of hair growth depends on the direction of the incision made to place the hair follicle on the hairless part, and in the most natural way, it will be implanted for you, dear clients, and eventually regrowth will occur.

Local anesthesia is used and you will not have any pain during the implantation process. There is no specific recovery period and you can return to work immediately.

The amount of hair that is implanted for you varies from person to person and depends on the size of the hair bank on the back, and you should be examined by a doctor so that we can provide you with the exact number. You can also have some online consultation with us by sending photos from different areas of the head.