Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) Hair transplant

Another method of hair transplantation is FUT. The degree of success of this implant method is the same as other implant methods. The only difference with other implant methods is that in this method, a surgery must be used, and in fact, a strip of skin and hair is removed from the back of the head and stitched together.

 Deciding on the proper method for each person depends on various factors, as well as the age and amount of growth and the volume of the bald area on the head.

 Of course, in this method, we can also use the removed hair for eyebrow implants, beard implants, mustache implants, scar scars that have been stitched on the head due to an accident or surgery, and an area on the head that does not grow hair at all.

This method can also be used for people whose skin is burnt and hair do not grow in these areas. Or It can also be done for fungal and scalp diseases in childhood as a result of radiotherapy and hair does not grow in areas.

One of the important points that is used in this method in Abnoss Clinic is having of experienced personnel, because the art of implantation of the hair. That makes the slightest damage to the individual’s hair very important and vital.