Microneedeling+PRR (skin lightening & rejuvenating)

Microneedling can be done in addition to the facial area or in the neck area, and those who are dissatisfied with the neck lines can also use this method.
if microneedling plus prp is used instead of only mesoneedeling, it will be more effective on fine facial lines.
In the case of prp itself, it is fully described in specific section.
In fact, by microneedling, tiny microscopic holes are made in the skin by fine needles, and when these tiny holes are created with the help of prp, much more collagen will be produced.
Treatment Microneedling + prp:
1- Acne scar (acne scar)
2. Rejection of surgical sutures
3- Fine lines and wrinkles
4- Local darkening of the skin
5- Damages caused by the sun
6- Open pores