Quanta laser

The clinic is equipped with several laser hair removal devices, among which 3 Alexandrite devices, including an Alex Quanta device and 2 Alex DEKA Motus AX and AY (2019) devices, It can be applied for all types of dark to light skin colors, even tanned skin with various types. Fluffy and thin hair to completely thick and can be done with any color, and the most lasting laser effect is the most painless and safest and without any side effects for the client.

Alexandrite lasers are a combination of Alex and NDYAG which has more effect on pigments, thus multiplying the effect on hair color and its power in hair loss will be greater, and therefore for all types Skin is perfectly usable that even people with dark or green skin can use it.

Choosing alexandrite lasers that are combined with NDYAG laser is the best choice and will have a negative effect on the hair in several ways and thus will destroy the hair.

This is done in the Alex Quanta laser, and in addition to the DEKA AX and AY, the high shot speed and large size of the sunrise will be much more effective.

Of course, it is worth mentioning that your doctor will always determine the best type of laser for your skin in order to achieve the maximum effective results for you in the best and shortest possible time.