Under-Eye Filler

This gel is suitable for those who have a small amount of fat under-eye bags.

And due to the fatty tissue that creates a little bulge, a groove is created next to it and the groove is well filled with gel and it creates a very good result after the injection.

The gel which is injected on this groove is deeply injected and fills the bone and makes the area around the eyes much more beautiful and attractive.

This groove which is under the eyes usually develops with age since the volume of fat decreases and facial lines will become apparent.

In some cases, where these lines are created, it usually makes the face look tired or creates a visual error like a dark circle around the eyes.

You should keep in mind that in some cases, Lack of sleep is the cause of dark skin around the eyes, so for this visual error, you must visit your doctor before the injection.

Considering the importance of the area around the eyes, by eliminating its imperfections, you will actually give a younger and a more penetrating look to your face.