Chin filler

  • Chin filler injections add definition to the chin and lower jawline.

In fact, by injecting the gel into the chin and improving its imperfections we can help to increase the chin height, lift the back chin, and face contouring

Chin and nose areas are two of the prominent parts of the face that have a significant effect on facial aesthetics.

, strengthen their chin or fill in wrinkles or lines around the chin are good candidates for chin fillers.

In addition to filler injections, fat injection or implanted chin can be used in some cases.
Ideally in a profile view, the bridge of the chin should be in line with the front edge of the lower lip. If your profile isn’t in this line, chin filler enhancement and dermal fillers can project your chin forwards to match this projection.

Prosthetic surgery for chin is one of the most common surgeries which is gaining increasing interest.
We all lose some bone as we age, and as our jawbone shrinks, we start to notice jowls and saggy necks and we need to give volume to the chin area.