Jawline Sculpting Filler

This involves injecting the gel on both sides of the face in the area around the lower jaw angle and in some cases in the chin area.
In fact, if the filler is injected I chin area, the contouring becomes much better and more elegant.
In oval or oblong, round shape faces and also for bony faces, contouring will be much more beautiful and elegant.
But in cases, people have square or trapezoidal faces, it is better not to inject filler because in these cases, they may seem older and irritated.
Filler injection may not be cost effective for those who have less bonny and choppy faces, since it may require high volume of filler.
In these cases, other techniques like fat grafting can be used since this fat would be from the some other part of the body and it is more economical.
Fillers usually last about 6 up to 12 months since, usually, the body gradually absorbs the filler material, which is hyaluronic acid. If the filler is re-injected before complete reabsorption, it will last longer and will have more effect by repeated injections.