Eyebrow transplantation

Eyebrow transplantation are suitable for people whose eyebrow hairs have fallen out or become too thin due to repeated tattoos, there is no issue regarding hair transplant on the tattooed area and the hair will reach the desired density.
when the goal is to widen the eyebrows or change the shape of the eyebrows the doctor should visit the case and if the implant area (recipient area) and the volume of the previous eyebrow hair are suitable, the right decision can be made.
The best decision must be made to achieve the best result.
Both FIT or FUT methods can be used for eyebrow transplantation and each of them can be quite effective separately, the choice of the best method depends on the hair type, the implantation area in terms of tattooing, the presence of thick or thin hair on the eyebrows as well as the condition of the person’s face.
Eyebrow transplantation in Abnoos Clinic are performed by an experienced dermatologist and hair specialist.
You can consult with the doctor in the clinic and see the photos of people who have had eyebrow transplantation.
In addition, for hair transplantation, whether eyebrows, scalp or beard, it is very important that the whole implantation process should be done in a sterile environment and all the principles of sterilization should be observed by authorities to avoid any complications or infections so that the process will end with complete health and a satisfactory result.