The traditional fat injection method is used to increase the volume the face for people who either have a bony face or want to change their face shape to some extent.
It is also very effective for filling folds in people who have severe lines of wrinkles or sagging skin due to weight loss and weight gain or aging.
And almost a high percentage of the injected fat will last for years by 3 sessions of treatment.
The new method of nanofat does not do so much volume and is mostly aimed at rejuvenation and it can be used mostly for facial areas where a lot of fine wrinkles appear over time, such as under the eyes.
This method has a short recovery period and our beauty seekers will return to their routine life immediately, unlike the fat injection which swelling can last for about one week and one may have to rest at home.
In the new technique of nanofat which is in fact a new technology of fat injection tries to use a higher quality of fat cells and its role is mostly rejuvenating the face, reducing wrinkles, repairing scars and the effects of old wounds and dark circles under the eyes so the term facial rejuvenation would be the best title.