Modern methods of hair transplant

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cryotherapy to cure cellulits

Cryotherapy is one of the newest and most advanced non-invasive ways to remove fat cells in the area. These fat cells (adipose tissue) are so sensitive to subzero temperature; so, it destroys fat cell without damaging other tissues.

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Skin and Beauty

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  • China dismisses US accusation of Intellectual Property theft

    Tehran, May 21, IRNA/Global Times – Some in the US have recently cried foul, accusing China of obtaining an unfair advantage and stealing US intellectual property. Such deliberate hype about China's so-called IP theft is a bid to justify the US decision to escalate trade frictions and contain China.

  • Nation must guard financial security amid trade war

    Tehran, May 21, IRNA/Global Times – The INSTEX mechanism set up by several European countries to skirt US sanctions on Iran can perhaps be used as a reference for China to hedge financial risks amid a trade war with the US.

  • World Bee Day celebrated in Tehran

    Tehran, May 21, IRNA – Slovenian Embassy to Tehran celebrated the World Bee Day in presence of some Iranian honey producers.

  • Diplomatic push, must for Pakistan to exit FATF grey list: Pak daily

    Islamabad, May 21, IRNA -- Leading local English news daily says Pakistan needs to launch an aggressive diplomatic effort to secure enough support and votes to exit the grey list of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

  • Sanction-exempted Chabahar; opportunity for Iran

    Tehran, May 20, IRNA - Given Chabahar's exemption from the US sanctions against Iran, an expert on international affairs says that this measure is in line with the US policy of curbing China's strength and Iran could use this capacity to reduce sanctions.

  • Iran attends Beijing intangible cultural heritage expo

    Beijing, May 20, IRNA – The Asian intangible cultural heritage exhibition was held with the attendance of many countries, including Iran, in National Library of China.

  • Iran, Czech Republic to broaden economic cooperation

    Tehran, May 19, IRNA- The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Czech Republic on Sunday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to expand economic cooperation in energy, automaking and rail transport sectors.

  • Iran Univ. initiates new clean fuel processing method

    Tehran, May 19, IRNA – Researchers of Chemistry Department of Amir-Kabir University in Tehran initiated producing clean fuel by new processing method with output at the world standards.

  • Turkey calls for removal of trade barriers with Iran

    Tehran, May 18, IRNA - Turkish ambassador to Iran stressed that if some of the obstacles imposed by Iran were to be removed, Turkish businessmen and investors would be keen to come to Iran.

  • Iran mineral exports value exceeds $500m

    Tehran, May 18, IRNA – Based on Iran customs statistics, the value of industrial mineral exports reached $503m meaning that it had 20% share of Iran's non-oil exports.


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